Web App Security Testing

Our services range from Black Box, White Box or Grey Box penetration testing to secure architecture & design guidance.

Mobile App Security Testing

We will help you design or test the security of iOS, Android, Windows or custom mobile operating systems and applications.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing campaigns which cover your whole company, spear phishing exercises or strategic long term campaigns. We can execute all of them to test your employees and keep them alert.

Security Audits

Our partnerships with Banks, Online Casinos and FinTech companies gave us a deep insight into PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and international Gambling Commissions. We use all our aquired experience during audits to align your company to the best security practices.

Red Team Exercises

You have mature security or you just want to see what a real attacker would be able to do? We can test your physical security, security procedures and digital security just like a Black Hat hacker would do it.

Infrastructure Pentesting

Small, Medium or Large companies, we have the capabilities and resources to pentest your internal infrastructure, no matter the complexity

Our Clients